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Veritas Film & Television (VFT) is a holding corporation with brands focusing on original content development for unscripted television, dramatic, and feature film. VFT generates a range of projects that enhances values for networks and production companies through dynamic brand-driven, original and informational content.

VFT also offers a unique blend of multimedia services that combine professional expertise across all platforms in television, commercial production, and print Creative.

VFT has developed original properties for virtually every space, format, and demographic.


With a combined 30+ years of entertainment industry experience in feature and television screenwriting, unscripted content development, creative consulting, technical advising, multimedia design, and production, VFT’s team is qualified and devoted to breaking the mold to deliver compelling and powerful content.

Our obsession with quality, and our drive to create and develop effective material, has afforded us the privilege to work with some of the best in the business.

Global Market Demographics

VFT is dedicated to reaching global markets. Our x-platform Creative has received global recognition, with brands and graphics appearing on major networks and in magazines worldwide. See our client network.

Award-Winning Multimedia

VFT’s Multimedia division has quickly climbed the ranks as one of LA’s leading design firms with Award-Winning work in graphic design, corporate branding, and campaign development.

Veritas Film & Television Brands

Veritas Motion Pictures
CoffeeRing Entertainment
Mugboards.org (VFT Multimedia)


Chadwick Pelletier, President & Executive Producer
Holly Pelletier, Executive Vice President & CFO
Representation: CAA